The Year of Shemittah

I’m giving God praise as I learn more about the Shemittah year.  Yesterday, I spoke to a Jewish friend, and she re-iterated a conversation we had a few weeks ago during the eWomen conference in Dallas, TX.  Of course, since God speaks to me in three’s I was awakened by his presence in this conversation (the second was pastor Remy, and now this was the third within 30 days).  I could hardly get off the phone before the tears began to flow.  Immediately after hanging up all I could do is speak to my heavenly father in praise and worship.  He’s about to do something BIG in the earth ya’ll, and all I want to know is… Are YOU ready?  Are you paying attention to the times we’re in?  There’s no time for doubting if there is a God.

Just a few days ago, I had a good friend go home to be with the lord.  I know he was ready and at peace, because he had a relationship with Christ.  I urge you to study the time we are in according to the FeastI sure will.  Get your house in order, for the set time is NOW!  It’s time to pray and ask God for guidance in EVERYTHING you do and every decision you’re making.  As an example, today I even asked “what direction should I drive to the office?”  Then I went a different way to work.  Who’s to say I didn’t avoid an accident?  I just did what He said.   If we trust Him concerning the little things, we can trust Him in the bigger things.  You never know how he will answer, but first you have to communicate.  I pray that you don’t become judgmental of this message, but attentive.  This is not a sermon or commanding, but a recommendation.   Read the article I found about Shemittah on Chabad.org HERE .

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