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Software protection Dongles are in use more frequently now than ever before; piracy and copyright issues, among others, are the prime reasons for protection of software content from misuse or manipulation for unethical reasons.

In the late 1970s / early 1980s during the days of the Wordcraft program, software protection became a key issue in the light of rapid developments in hardware devices, software programs and technology as a whole.

The rapid evolution of Dongles into active devices combined with the rapid advancements in computers and desktops; before the IBM PCs came on, Sirius Systems Technology and ACT Apricot Computers were among the first to use Dongles for software protection. These were mainly parallel or serial interfaces containing serial transceivers and microprocessors that handled transactions with the host computer.

Later Dongle versions have adopted the USB interface which has become dominant in current usage.

Complete Solution

The files in a USB flash drive or any other medium of data storage, especially a mobile device, require protection from unauthorized access, copy and distribution. USB Copy Protection is a complete copy protection solution that allows USB drives to go from storage devices to powerful media carriers. Among other features, the main security advantages provided by USB Copy Protection are controlling user rights, limiting users, preventing copies and setting expiration dates.

These obvious advantages provide utmost safety to products and IPs in USB drives making them more user-friendly and convenient to use; accidental deletion of material can be controlled using Auto Run / Auto Play functions. It also provides content protection and freedom from breach of copy or illegal usage of software.

Features of USB Copy Protection

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