I Am Who I Am

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Today, I had to take a photo shoot.  I asked my youngest daughter Faith to do me the honors and sharing her talent with me.  I must say “it was such a pleasure.”  I stood there so proud to have her be the photographer.  Although, I enjoy taking pictures I too can sometimes be a little drawn back when showing the real me.  Rarely does it happen, but it happens.  Lol!  Immediately, after returning home I uploaded them into the computer so I could see how they turned out.

As I’m scrolling through them, I realized I felt so natural.  They portrayed the real me.  That’s when I said “Hey!  It’s the real McCoy.  It’s me baby.  Red hair and ALL.  NOT worried about the size of my arms, hips, or smile.  It’s ME!”  I realize that life is about loving ourselves.  Today I love ME, because I can.  Because, I woke up this morning and I get another chance to tell someone else how wonderful they are.  I get to flow again fast or slow, it’s ME!  The perfectionist, the one who cares so much about keeping her sister and brother, it’s ME!  I love the skin I’m in, because I get to do so much in it while I have the chance.

Today, I inhale the wonders of the universe, as it helps me to continue to remember “God LOVES me more than I know, because He created me to be that butterfly who is willing to do what’s necessary to make ALL of my Dreams become a REALITY.  It’s me, and I am WHO AM!”

Learn to love you, be free, and let butterfly in you BLOOM-BLOOM-BLOOM!




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