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Okay, so I went to see the movie Straight Outta Compton last night.  I heard about it, but didn’t think much of it because I was out and about.  I tell you…This movie was so real (outside of the language).  There were parts that brought back nothing but memories of when me and a group of my friends would hang out with our Low Ride cars (Mike Webb, Tony Greene, Brian Anthony Fox​ , Tressa Abston,​ Brindi Cole​, Elizabeth Cole-Taylor,​ Kimberly Nelson-Jones,​ Brian McDonald​  and a few more) and watch while they would drag race down them down the street.  Shift to the LEFT, SHIFT TO THE RIGHT, HIGH TAIL IT, or FRONT END UP!  I’m still a Low Rider Fan!!!!  I get EXCITED when I see a 63 Chevy souped up and painted! I loved when we would go to El Monte, or West Covina and check out the cars. Heck, sometimes we would even have our own car show on Huntington Dr.  Now days every time I get the chance to go to a car show, I’m there.  Man, we use have a gooood time.

Wherever there was a house party we would about 16 deep.  We were always meeting up and hanging out together.  No matter what day, school days and weekends when you would see one, you could look to find the rest on their way.  However, we were GOOD Kids.  I remember some of the fellas experienced the police handling them ruff just because we were in groups.  Our parents didn’t play that!!!  One thing for sure, we DIDN’T go to jail!  All we did was hang out at house parties and have fun!  Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Bonaventure Hotels, Limos, hoop dresses, Tux for proms, and all night Disneyland for Grad Nite! OMG. Okay, LOL!  I’m reeling it in, but I had to go back a little.  However, we had good times when we were young.  All of us were looking after the other, and (most of) our grades were tight.  We ALL graduated Lol!  Old Cali!  There’s nothing like it!  #CALIFORNIADREAMIN those were many of the best memories of my childhood.  Guys, we really had a GOOD life.  I realize, that it was the visions I had being around the multiculturalism in Monrovia that help me to not be racist, because we had all stature of friends.  Kids, who parents were film makers, actresses, musicians, from East LA.  We were around nothing BUT talent.  That’s not the norm, but that’s OUR history.

This movie reminded me of the BIG DREAMS we had on the inside of us.  How we used to talk about WHAT we wanted to do?  I know throughout the years your dreams may have changed, you’ve been diverted?  However, that was just the timeframe for you to get wiser about going BIG WITH YOUR VISION.  This movie represents HOW our HOMEBOYS (lol!) fought against the odds and DID it!  What’s stopping you?  NOTHING!   If anything, we know we’re capable of  achieving more now, because most of us have given our lives to Christ.  With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!   What do you say we just LIVE THEM OUT LOUD!  It’s time out for hiding our talents.  God didn’t give them to us just to hide them, but to use them to bring others to Him.  To have a life of peace.  You’re powerful!  Hey, here’s an idea… How about “STRAIGHT UP OUT OF MONROVIA?”  HA, HA!

I CHALLENGE YOU TO “LET THEM FLOW!” IT’S YOUR TIME – IT’S YOUR SEASON!  What have you been holding back on?  Don’t worry about everybody else.  Heck, we should be the very ones encouraging each other to move forth, because we ONLY have one life to live in this day!  We’re at the half-way mark of 100 years old.  Who CARES!  DO IT, AND DO IT BIG!  I BELIEVE in you, and I know what you’re capable of!  Hugh????  Holla back!


It’s your girl Sistah,  PEACE!


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